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Wednesday 27 April 2022

Hematologic Disorders and Anemia Q 16

Which of the following cells is the precursor to the red blood cell (RBC)?
     A. B cell
     B. Macrophage
     C. Stem cell
     D. T cell

Correct Answer: C. Stem cell

The precursor to the RBC is the stem cell. B cells, macrophages, and T cells, and lymphocytes, not RBC precursors. Precursor cells are known as the intermediate cell before they become differentiated after being a stem cell. Usually, a precursor cell is a stem cell with the capacity to differentiate into only one cell type. Sometimes, precursor cells are used as an alternative term for unipotent stem cells.

Option A: B cells are at the center of the adaptive humoral immune system and are responsible for mediating the production of antigen-specific immunoglobulin (Ig) directed against invasive pathogens (typically known as antibodies).
Option B: Macrophages are specialized cells involved in the detection, phagocytosis, and destruction of bacteria and other harmful organisms. In addition, they can also present antigens to T cells and initiate inflammation by releasing molecules (known as cytokines) that activate other cells.
Option D: T cells are so-called because they are predominantly produced in the thymus. They recognize foreign particles (antigen) by a surface-expressed, highly variable, T cell receptor (TCR).

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