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Saturday, 23 April 2022

Asthma and COPD Q 59

A nurse is preparing to obtain a sputum specimen from a client. Which of the following nursing actions will facilitate obtaining the specimen?
     A. Limiting fluids.
     B. Having the client take 3 deep breaths.
     C. Asking the client to spit into the collection container.
     D. Asking the client to obtain the specimen after eating.

Correct Answer: B. Having the client take 3 deep breaths.

To obtain a sputum specimen, the client should rinse the mouth to prevent contamination, breathe deeply, and then cough unto a sputum specimen container. To cough deeply from the lungs, the client might need to take three deep breaths before he coughs forcefully.

Option A: Sputum can be thinned by fluids or by a respiratory treatment such as inhalation of nebulized saline or water. Drinking plenty of fluids can help loosen the secretions and make it easier to cough up sputum. The doctor may ask to rinse out the mouth with clear water to help get rid of any other bacteria and extra saliva.
Option C: The client should be encouraged to cough and not spit so as to obtain sputum. He should take a deep breath and hold the air for 5 seconds then slowly breathe out. Then, he should take another deep breath and cough hard until the sputum comes out.
Option D: The optimal time to obtain a specimen is on rising in the morning. Upon waking up in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, the client should brush his teeth and rinse with water. Mouthwash should never be used.

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