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Wednesday 23 March 2022

Emergency Nursing & Triage Q 28

In caring for a victim of sexual assault, which task is most appropriate for an LPN/LVN?
    A. Provide emotional support and supportive communication
    B. Assess immediate emotional state and physical injuries
    C. Ensure that the “chain of custody” is maintained
    D. Collect hair samples, saliva swabs, and scrapings beneath fingernails

Correct Answer: A. Provide emotional support and supportive communication

The LPN/LVN is able to listen and provide emotional support for her patients. The client is the center of care. The needs of the client must be competently met with the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the staff to meet these needs. In other words, the nurse who delegates aspects of care to other members of the nursing team must balance the needs of the client with the abilities of those to which the nurse is delegating tasks and aspects of care, among other things such as the scopes of practice and the policies and procedures within the particular healthcare facility.

Option B: Among the tasks that CANNOT be legally and appropriately delegated to nonprofessional, unlicensed assistive nursing personnel, such as nursing assistants, patient care technicians, and personal care aides, include assessments, nursing diagnosis, establishing expected outcomes, evaluating care and any and all other tasks and aspects of care including but not limited to those that entail sterile technique, critical thinking, professional judgment, and professional knowledge.
Option C: Part of supervision entails the ongoing evaluation of staff’s ability by the registered nurse to perform assigned tasks using direct observations and with indirect observations of patient safety, the quality of the care provided, the appropriateness of care provided, and the timeliness of care provided.
Option D: Scopes of practice are also considered prior to the assignment of care. All states have scopes of practice for advanced nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and unlicensed assistive personnel like nursing assistants and patient care technicians.

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