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Friday 1 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 79

The nurse is reviewing the healthcare record of a male client scheduled to be seen at the health care clinic. The nurse determines that which of the following individuals is at the greatest risk for the development of an integumentary disorder?
    A. An adolescent
    B. An older female
    C. A physical education teacher
    D. An outdoor construction worker

Correct Answer: D. An outdoor construction worker

Prolonged exposure to the sun, unusual cold, or other conditions can damage the skin. The outdoor construction worker would fit into a high-risk category for the development of an integumentary disorder.

Option A: An adolescent may be prone to the development of acne, but this does not occur in all adolescents.
Option B: Immobility and lack of nutrition would increase the older person’s risk but the older client is not at as high a risk as to the outdoor construction worker.
Option C: The physical education teacher is at low or no risk of developing an integumentary problem.

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