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Friday 1 April 2022

Burns and Burn Injury Q 1

A 23-year-old male client who has had a full-thickness burn is being discharged from the hospital. Which information is most important for the nurse to provide prior to discharge?
    A. How to maintain home smoke detectors
    B. Joining a community reintegration program
    C. Learning to perform dressing changes
    D. Options available for scar removal

Correct Answer: C. Learning to perform dressing changes

Teaching the patient and his family to perform dressing changes is critical for the goal of progression towards independence. Proper management of burn injury through proper dressing changes helps prevent wound deterioration. Encouragement of the patient and his family members in participating in dressing changes and wound care helps prepare for the patient’s eventual discharge and home care needs. All other choices (below) are important during the rehabilitation stage but dressing changes is a priority.

Option A: Teach on the importance of installing and maintaining smoke detectors on every level of the home and changing batteries periodically to help prevent fires.
Option B: Surviving a burn injury has a tremendous psychological impact on the patient and family. The nurse plays a key role in helping the patient adapt. Providing referrals to social services and counseling helps the patient during his rehabilitation phase.
Option D: Discussion about burn reconstruction treatment after the scars have healed or matured is usually discussed after the first few years after injury. This option is often used to “improve both the function and the cosmetic appearance of burn scars”.

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