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Saturday 2 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 38

When assessing a lesion diagnosed as malignant melanoma, the nurse most likely expects to note which of the following?
    A. A firm, nodular lesion topped with crust.
    B. A pearly papule with a central crater and a waxy border.
    C. An irregularly shaped lesion.
    D. A small papule with a dry, rough scale.

Correct Answer: C. An irregularly shaped lesion.

Melanoma is an irregularly shaped pigmented papule or plaque with a red, white, or blue-toned color.

Option A: Squamous cell carcinoma is a firm, nodular lesion topped with a crust or a central area of ulceration.
Option B: Basal cell carcinoma appeared as a pearly papule with a central crater and rolled waxy border.
Option D: Actinic keratosis, a premalignant lesion, appears as a small macule or papule with a dry, rough, adherent yellow or brown scale.

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