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Saturday 2 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 37

The nurse is providing home care instructions to a client who has recently had a skin graft. It’s most important that the client remember to:
    A. Use cosmetic camouflage techniques.
    B. Protect the graft from direct sunlight.
    C. Continue physical therapy.
    D. Apply lubricating lotion to the graft site.

Correct Answer: B. Protect the graft from direct sunlight.

To avoid burning and sloughing, the client must protect the graft from direct sunlight. Protect the grafted area and the donor site from direct exposure to sunlight. Keep it covered for the first year and then protect it with a sunblock thereafter. The other three interventions are helpful to the client and his recovery but are less important.

Option A: Ask the surgeon about camouflage make-up if concerned about the appearance of the graft. Expect skin discoloration at both the graft and the donor sites. This will gradually improve over the following 9-12 months.
Option C: The client should take it easy for two weeks, building up slowly into his normal routine. Do not exert the grafted area. Depending on where the graft is, how big it is and what type of job the client has he may need to take time off work, two weeks or more. Exercise that might stretch or injure the graft should be avoided for 3-4 weeks.
Option D: Once healed, the client may use a moisturizing cream such as E45, Nivea cream, or Vaseline two or three times a day, on both grafted site and the donor site for three months or longer if the area remains dry.

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