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Friday, 15 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 78

A male client who is recovering from surgery has been advanced from a clear liquid diet to a full liquid diet. The client is looking forward to the diet change because he has been “bored” with the clear liquid diet. The nurse would offer which full liquid item to the client?
    A. Tea
    B. Gelatin
    C. Custard
    D. Popsicle

Correct Answer: C. Custard

Full liquid food items include items such as plain ice cream, sherbet, breakfast drinks, milk, pudding, and custard, soups that are strained, and strained vegetable juices. A clear liquid diet consists of foods that are relatively transparent. A patient prescribed a full liquid diet follows a specific diet type requiring all liquids and semi-liquids but no forms of solid intake.

Option A: Tea is included in the clear liquid diet. Unlike a clear liquid diet, which includes only liquids and semi-liquids that are non-opaque, a full liquid diet is more inclusive, as it allows all types of liquids.
Option B: A clear liquid diet is a specific dietary plan that only includes liquids that are fully transparent at room temperature. Some items that may be allowed include water, ice, fruit juices without pulp, sports drinks, carbonated drinks, gelatin, tea, coffee, clear broths, and clear ice pops.
Option D: A popsicle is included in the clear liquid diet. The clear liquid diet assists in maintaining hydration, it provides electrolytes and calories, and offers some level of satiety when a full diet is not appropriate, but may struggle to provide adequate caloric needs if employed for more than five days.

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