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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 216

Pain control with peptic ulcer disease includes all of the following except:
    A. Promoting physical and emotional rest.
    B. Identifying stressful situations.
    C. Eating meals when desired.
    D. Administering medications that decrease gastric acidity.

Correct Answer: C. Eating meals when desired.

Meals should be regularly spaced in a relaxed environment. Instruct the client that meals should be eaten at regularly spaced intervals in a relaxed setting. An irregular schedule of meals may interfere with the regular administration of medications.

Option A: Encourage the use of nonpharmacological pain relief measures such as distraction, guided imagery. Massage, or music therapy. Non-pharmacological relaxation techniques will decrease the production of gastric acid, which in turn will reduce pain.
Option B: Acknowledge awareness of the client’s anxiety. Acknowledgement of the client’s feelings validates the feelings and communicates the acceptance of those feelings. Open communication enables the client to develop a trusting relationship that aids in reducing anxiety and stress.
Option D: Antacids buffer gastric acid and prevent the formation of peptin. This mechanism of action promotes the healing of the ulcer. Antibiotics treat the Helicobacter pylori infection and promote healing of the ulcer. As the ulcer heals, the client experiences less pain. H2 receptor antagonists block the secretion of gastric acid.

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