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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 176

Peritonitis can occur as a complication of:
    A. Septicemia
    B. Multiple organ failure
    C. Hypovolemic shock
    D. Peptic ulcer disease

Correct Answer: D. Peptic ulcer disease

Perforation is a life-threatening complication of peptic ulcer disease and can result in peritonitis. Since the peritoneum completely covers the stomach, perforation of the wall creates a communication between the gastric lumen and the peritoneal cavity. If the perforation occurs acutely, there is no time for an inflammatory reaction to wall off the perforation, and the gastric content is free to enter the general peritoneal cavity, causing chemical peritonitis.

Option A: Septic shock is a serious illness and despite all the advances in medicine, it still carries high mortality which can exceed 40%. Mortality does depend on many factors including the type of organism, antibiotic sensitivity, number of organs affected, and patient age. The more factors that match SIRS, the higher the mortality.
Option B: The high mortality of patients with multiple organ failure provided a focus for the problems that ultimately led to death for many patients in the intensive care unit. The frequency of infection, sepsis, or inflammation in producing multiple organ failure led to clinical trials of so-called magic bullets for the treatment of patients with sepsis.
Option C: Patients with volume depletion may complain of thirst, muscle cramps, and/or orthostatic hypotension. Severe hypovolemic shock can result in mesenteric and coronary ischemia that can cause abdominal or chest pain. Agitation, lethargy, or confusion may result from brain malperfusion.

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