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Thursday 7 April 2022

Diabetes Mellitus Q 67

Nurse Matt makes a home visit to the client with diabetes mellitus. During the visit, Nurse Matt notes the client’s additional insulin vials are not refrigerated. What is the best action by the nurse at this time?
    A. Instruct the client to label each vial with the date when opened.
    B. Tell the client there is no need to keep additional vials.
    C. Have the client place the insulin vials in the refrigerator.
    D. Have the client discard the vials.

Correct Answer: C. Have the client place the insulin vials in the refrigerator.

Vials not in use should be refrigerated to preserve drug potency. Vials of insulin not in use should be refrigerated. Extreme temperatures (<36 or >86°F, <2 or >30°C) and excess agitation should be avoided to prevent loss of potency, clumping, frosting, or precipitation.

Option A: Writing the date of opening on the vial is good practice, but does not address the need to refrigerate additional vials. Specific storage guidelines provided by the manufacturer should be followed. Insulin in use may be kept at room temperature to limit local irritation at the injection site, which may occur when cold insulin is used.
Option B: The client should always have additional vials of insulin available. The patient should always have available a spare bottle of each type of insulin used. Although an expiration date is stamped on each vial of insulin, a loss in potency may occur after the bottle has been in use for >1 month, especially if it was stored at room temperature.
Option D: There is no need to discard the vials. If uncertain about the potency of a vial of insulin, the individual should replace the vial in question with another of the same type. The person administering insulin should inspect the bottle before each use for changes (i.e., clumping, frosting, precipitation, or change in clarity or color) that may signify a loss in potency.

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