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Thursday 7 April 2022

Urinary Disorders Q 9

Dialysis allows for the exchange of particles across a semipermeable membrane by which of the following actions?
    A. Osmosis and diffusion
    B. Passage of fluid toward a solution with a lower solute concentration
    C. Allowing the passage of blood cells and protein molecules through it.
    D. Passage of solute particles toward a solution with a higher concentration.

Correct Answer: A. Osmosis and diffusion

Osmosis allows for the removal of fluid from the blood by allowing it to pass through the semipermeable membrane to an area of high concentrate (dialysate), and diffusion allows for passage of particles (electrolytes, urea, and creatinine) from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.

Option B: Fluid passes to an area with a higher solute concentration. During osmosis, fluid moves from areas of high water concentration to lower water concentration across a semipermeable membrane until equilibrium.
Option C: The pores of a semipermeable membrane are small, thus preventing the flow of blood cells and protein molecules through it. Dialysis removes the waste products and extra fluid from the blood by filtering them through a membrane/filter, similar to the way healthy kidneys would. During dialysis, blood is on one side of the membrane/filter and a special fluid called dialysate (containing water, electrolytes, and minerals) is on the other. Small waste products in the blood flow through the membrane/filter and into the dialysate.
Option D: During diffusion, particles in the areas of high concentration move towards the area of low concentration. In dialysis, waste in the blood moves towards dialysate, which is a drug solution that has none (or very little waste). The amount of waste removed depends on the size of the waste, the size of the pores (holes) in the membrane, what the dialysate is made of, and, like a tea, the length of treatment.

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