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Tuesday 5 April 2022

Urinary Disorders Q 77

When teaching the client to care for an ileal conduit, the nurse instructs the client to empty the appliance frequently, primarily to prevent which of the following problems?
    A. Rupture of the ileal conduit.
    B. Interruption of urine production.
    C. Development of odor.
    D. Separation of the appliance from the skin.

Correct Answer: D. Separation of the appliance from the skin

If the appliance becomes too full, it is likely to pull away from the skin completely or to leak urine onto the skin. Empty, irrigate, and cleanse ostomy pouch on a routine basis, using appropriate equipment. Frequent pouch changes are irritating to the skin and should be avoided. Emptying and rinsing the pouch with the proper solution not only removes bacteria and odor-causing stool and flatus but also deodorizes the pouch.

Option A: A full appliance will not rupture the ileal conduit. Support surrounding skin when gently removing appliances. Apply adhesive removers as indicated, then wash thoroughly. Prevents tissue irritation or destruction associated with “pulling” pouch off.
Option B: A full appliance will not interrupt urine production. Investigate reports of burning, itching, or blistering around the stoma. Indicative of effluent leakage with peristomal irritation, or possibly Candida infection, requiring intervention.
Option C: Odor formation has numerous causes. Use a transparent, odor-proof drainable pouch. A transparent appliance during the first 4–6 wk allows easy observation of stoma without the necessity of removing pouch/irritating skin.

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