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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Pneumonia Q 55

A client with pneumonia develops dyspnea with a respiratory rate of 32 breaths/minute and difficulty expelling his secretions. The nurse auscultates his lung fields and hears bronchial sounds in the left lower lobe. The nurse determines that the client requires which of the following treatments first?
     A. Antibiotics
     B. Bed rest
     C. Oxygen
     D. Nutritional intake

Correct Answer: C. Oxygen

The client is having difficulty breathing and is probably becoming hypoxic. As an emergency measure, the nurse can provide oxygen without waiting for a physician’s order. Anticipate the need for supplemental oxygen or intubation if the patient’s condition deteriorates. These measures are needed to correct hypoxemia. Intubation is needed for deep suctioning efforts and provides a source for augmenting oxygenation.

Option A: Antibiotics may be warranted, but this isn’t a nursing decision. Administer prescribed antimicrobial agents as ordered. To prevent relapse of pneumonia, the patient needs to complete the course of antibiotics as prescribed.
Option B: The client should be maintained on bedrest if he is dyspneic to minimize his oxygen demands, but providing additional will deal more immediately with his problem. Encourage adequate rest balanced with moderate activity. Promote adequate nutritional intake. Facilitates the healing process and enhances natural resistance.
Option D: The client will need nutritional support, but while dyspneic, he may be unable to spare the energy needed to eat and at the same time maintain adequate oxygenation. Maintain adequate nutrition to offset hypermetabolic state secondary to infection. Ask the dietary department to provide a high-calorie, high-protein diet consisting of soft, easy-to-eat foods.

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