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Monday 18 April 2022

Neurological Disorders Q 70

The nurse is working on a surgical floor. The nurse must log roll a male client following a:
     A. Laminectomy.
     B. Thoracotomy.
     C. Hemorrhoidectomy.
     D. Cystectomy.

Correct Answer: A. Laminectomy.

The client who has had spinal surgery, such as laminectomy, must be logrolled to keep the spinal column straight when turning. Laminectomy is among the most common procedures performed by spinal surgeons to decompress the spinal canal in various conditions. Preoperative and postoperative patient care is crucial to improve outcomes of laminectomy.

Option B: Recovery for thoracotomy patients can be improved and hastened with attention to detail postoperatively. Key interventions that seem simple and may be easy to neglect will greatly benefit them. These include appropriate and timely use of pain medication, frequent and proper use of incentive spirometry, ambulation in hallways, regular work with physical therapy and occupational therapy if necessary, and attention to detail while caring for patient incision sites.
Option C: Under normal circumstances, hemorrhoidectomy is an outpatient procedure, and the client may resume normal activities immediately after surgery. Success rates of removal are excellent, with low rates of recurrence. When comparing open and closed techniques, they both have similar rates of postoperative pain, need for analgesics, and complications.
Option D: The client who has had a cystectomy may turn himself or may be assisted into a comfortable position. While it may be tough, patients are strongly encouraged to begin walking early as this is one of the most important things they can do to improve recovery and prevent complications after surgery.

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