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Tuesday 19 April 2022

Neurological Disorders Q 27

While cooking, your client couldn’t feel the temperature of a hot oven. Which lobe could be dysfunctional?
     A. Frontal
     B. Occipital
     C. Parietal
     D. Temporal

Correct Answer: C. Parietal

The parietal lobe regulates sensory function, which would include the ability to sense hot or cold objects. The anterior parietal lobe contains the primary sensory cortex (SI), located in the postcentral gyrus (Broadman area BA 3, 1, 2). SI receives the majority of the sensory inputs that are coming from the thalamus, and it’s responsible for interpreting the simple somatosensory signals like (touch, position, vibration, pressure, pain, temperature).

Option A: The frontal lobe regulates thinking, planning, and judgment. Prospective memory is a type of memory that involves remembering the plans that you made, from a simple daily plan to future lifelong plans.
Option B: The occipital lobe is primarily responsible for vision function. The occipital lobe is the smallest lobe in the cerebral cortex, and it is located in the most posterior region of the brain, posterior to the parietal lobe and temporal lobe. The role of this lobe is visual processing and interpretation.
Option D: The temporal lobe regulates memory. Semantic memory is a type of memory involved in remembering the thoughts or objectives that are common knowledge (for example, where the bathroom is located).

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