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Sunday 17 April 2022

Neurological Disorders Q 120

The nurse is assessing the adaptation of the female client to changes in functional status after a brain attack (stroke). The nurse assesses that the client is adapting most successfully if the client:
     A. Gets angry with family if they interrupt a task.
     B. Experiences bouts of depression and irritability.
     C. Has difficulty with using modified feeding utensils.
     D. Consistently uses adaptive equipment in dressing self.

Correct Answer: D. Consistently uses adaptive equipment in dressing self

Clients are evaluated as coping successfully with lifestyle changes after a brain attack (stroke) if they make appropriate lifestyle alterations, use the assistance of others, and have appropriate social interactions.

Option A: Identify previous methods of dealing with life problems. Determine presence of support systems. Provides opportunity to use behaviors previously effective, build on past successes, and mobilize resources.
Option B: Encourage the patient to express feelings, including hostility or anger, denial, depression, sense of disconnectedness. Demonstrates acceptance of the patient in recognizing and beginning to deal with these feelings.
Option C: Emphasize small gains either in recovery of function or independence. Consolidates gains, helps reduce feelings of anger and helplessness, and conveys sense of progress. Support behaviors and efforts such as increased interest/participation in rehabilitation activities. Suggest possible adaptation to changes and understanding about your own role in future lifestyle.

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