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Sunday 17 April 2022

Neurological Disorders Q 110

A female client with Guillain-Barre syndrome has ascending paralysis and is intubated and receiving mechanical ventilation. Which of the following strategies would the nurse incorporate in the plan of care to help the client cope with this illness?
     A. Giving the client full control over care decisions and restricting visitors.
     B. Providing positive feedback and encouraging active range of motion.
     C. Providing information, giving positive feedback and encouraging relaxation.
     D. Providing intravenously administered sedatives, reducing distractions and limiting visitors.

Correct Answer: C. Providing information, giving positive feedback, and encouraging relaxation.

The client with Guillain-Barré syndrome experiences fear and anxiety from the ascending paralysis and sudden onset of the disorder. The nurse can alleviate these fears by providing accurate information about the client’s condition, giving expert care and positive feedback to the client, and encouraging relaxation and distraction. The family can become involved with selected care activities and provide diversion for the client as well.

Option A: Allow the client to participate in their own care depending on ability and degree of paralysis; allow them to make informed choices about ADL as soon as possible. Promotes independence and control and preserves developmental status.
Option B: Teach parents and the client about disease condition and manifestation. Provides information to relieve anxiety by knowledge of what to expect. Discuss each procedure or type of may therapy, effects of any diagnostic tests to parents and client as appropriate to age. Reduces fear of the unknown which increases anxiety.
Option D: Therapeutically communicate with parents and child and answer questions in a calm and honest manner. Promotes an environment of support. Facilitate expression of concerns and an opportunity to ask inquiries regarding the condition and rehabilitation of the ailing child. Provides an opportunity to release feelings, secure information needed to overcome anxiety.

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