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Friday, 1 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 77

Nurse Imee is implementing a teaching plan for a group of adolescents regarding the causes of acne. Which of the following is an appropriate nursing statement regarding the cause of this disorder?
    A. “Acne is caused by oily skin”
    B. “The actual cause is not known”
    C. “Acne is caused by eating chocolate”
    D. “Acne is caused as a result of exposure to heat and humidity”

Correct Answer: B. “The actual cause is not known”

There are a lot of theories regarding the causes of acne. Some of these ideas are scientifically explained, but many aren’t. For example, people sometimes say that not washing properly contributes to acne or makes it worse. There is no scientific proof that this is true. But claims like this can make teenagers feel guilty because they believe they are to blame for their acne.

Options A & C: Oily skin or the consumption of foods such as chocolate, nuts, or fatty foods are not causes of acne.
Option D: Exacerbations that coincide with the menstrual cycle result from hormonal activity. Heat, humidity, and excessive perspiration may play a role in exacerbating acne but do not cause it.

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