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Friday 1 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 73

A male client arrives at the emergency room and has experienced frostbites to the right hand. Which of the following would the nurse note on assessment of the client’s hand?
    A. A pink, edematous hand
    B. A fiery red skin with edema in the nail beds
    C. Black fingertips surrounded by an erythematous rash
    D. A white color to the skin, which is insensitive to touch

Correct Answer: D. A white color to the skin, which is insensitive to touch

Assessment findings in frostbite include a white or blue color; the skin will be hard, cold, and insensitive to touch. As thawing occurs, flushing of the skin, the development of blisters or blebs, or tissue edema appears.

Option A: The client may complain of heaviness in an exposed extremity as numbness progresses.
Option B: During the late stages of frostbite, affected areas may become dark or purplish in color due to poor vascular tone and pooling of blood.
Option C: Deep, full-thickness frostbite will become hemorrhagic with rewarming and may become gangrenous.

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