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Saturday, 2 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 18

An older client’s physical examination reveals the presence of a number of bright red-colored lesions scattered on the trunk and tights. The nurse interprets that this indicates which of the following lesions due to alterations in blood vessels of the skin?
    A. Cherry angioma
    B. Spider angioma
    C. Venous star
    D. Purpura

Correct Answer: A. Cherry angioma

Cherry angioma occurs with increasing age and has no clinical significance. It appears as a small, round, bright red–colored lesion on the trunk or extremities.

Option A: Spider angiomas have a bright red center with legs that radiate outward. These lesions commonly are seen in liver disease and vitamin B deficiency, although they occasionally can occur without underlying pathology.
Option C: A venous star results from increased pressure in veins, usually in the lower legs, and has an irregularly shaped bluish center with radiating branches.
Option D: Purpura results from hemorrhage into the skin.

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