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Saturday 2 April 2022

Integumentary Disorders Q 16

A female client exhibits purplish bruises to the skin after a fall. The nurse would document this finding most accurately using which of the following terms?
    A. Purpura
    B. Petechiae
    C. Ecchymosis
    D. Erythema

Correct Answer: C. Ecchymosis

Ecchymosis is a type of purpuric lesion and also is known as a bruise. It happens when blood leaks out of the vessels into the underlying subcutaneous tissues.

Option A: Purpura is an umbrella term that incorporates ecchymoses and petechiae.
Option B: Petechiae are pinpoint hemorrhages and are another form of purpura.
Option D: Erythema is an area of redness on the skin.

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