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Saturday 16 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 28

Annabelle is being discharged with a colostomy, and you’re teaching her about colostomy care. Which statement correctly describes a healthy stoma?
    A. “At first, the stoma may bleed slightly when touched.”
    B. “The stoma should appear dark and have a bluish hue.”
    C. “A burning sensation under the stoma faceplate is normal.”
    D. “The stoma should remain swollen away from the abdomen.”

Correct Answer: A. “At first, the stoma may bleed slightly when touched.”

For the first few days to a week, slight bleeding normally occurs when the stoma is touched because the surgical site is still new. She should report profuse bleeding immediately. A small amount of blood from the stoma itself is not unusual while it is healing.

Option B: A stoma should be a beefy red or pink color. The tissue that makes a stoma is the lining of the intestine and should be moist and shiny. It is very similar in appearance to the inside of the mouth along your cheek.
Option C: The skin may be tender initially during the healing process and may feel irritated by normal cleaning. The skin immediately surrounding the stoma and stoma can be irritated by the cleaning process.
Option D: A normal stoma in the days after surgery may be swollen and may also produce mucus. While the stoma itself should be moist, the skin around the stoma should be normal in appearance.

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