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Monday 11 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 263

The pain of a duodenal ulcer can be distinguished from that of a gastric ulcer by which of the following characteristics?
    A. Early satiety
    B. Pain on eating
    C. Dull upper epigastric pain
    D. Pain on an empty stomach

Correct Answer: D. Pain on an empty stomach

Pain on an empty stomach is relieved by taking foods or antacids. The location of the disease can also be differentiated based on symptoms. The pain associated with duodenal ulcers improves after meals, while the pain associated with gastric ulcers generally intensifies after meals. The other symptoms are those of a gastric ulcer.

Option A: Early satiety is seen in gastric ulcers. The mechanism by which H. pylori predisposes individuals is unclear. However, the thinking is that H. pylori colonization and persistent inflammation lead to the weakening of the mucosal surface layer causing it to be vulnerable to exposure to gastric acid.
Option B: The typical presentation of a patient with gastric ulcers is epigastric pain that is worse with eating. It often correlates with mild nausea and early satiety. They often describe this pain as a sharp or burning type of pain that typically doesn’t radiate.
Option C: The most common finding on the physical exam is epigastric tenderness. These symptoms may continue for weeks or months before patients seek medical help. Patients may present with upper GI bleeding.

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