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Monday, 11 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 252

Which rationale supports explaining the placement of an esophageal tamponade tube in a client who is hemorrhaging?
    A. Allowing the client to help insert the tube
    B. Beginning teaching for home care
    C. Maintaining the client's level of anxiety and alertness
    D. Obtaining cooperation and reducing fear

Correct Answer: D. Obtaining cooperation and reducing fear

An esophageal tamponade tube would be inserted in critical situations. Typically, the client is fearful and highly anxious. The nurse, therefore, explains the placement to help obtain the client’s cooperation and reduce his fear.

Option A: The client would not be helping to insert the tube.
Option B: This type of tube is used only short-term and is not indicated for home use. The tube is large and uncomfortable.
Option C: A client’s anxiety should be decreased, not maintained, and depending on the degree of hemorrhage, the client may not be alert.

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