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Tuesday 12 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 229

You’re advising a 21 y.o. with a colostomy who reports problems with flatus. What food should you recommend?
    A. Peas
    B. Cabbage
    C. Broccoli
    D. Yogurt

Correct Answer: D. Yogurt

High-fiber foods stimulate peristalsis, and as a result, flatus. Yogurt reduces gas formation. Eating bland foods will help avoid uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhea (loose or watery bowel movements), bloating, and gas. Bland foods are cooked, easy-to-digest foods that aren’t spicy, heavy, or fried.

Option A: Excessive gas, or flatulence, can be caused by foods, such as beans and cabbage, that have high amounts of fiber and carbohydrates which tend to ferment a lot during digestion and in turn have a greater tendency to cause bad-smelling flatulence.
Option B: Well-cooked vegetables without skins or seeds, such as peeled potatoes, peeled zucchini with the seeds removed, and peeled tomatoes with the seeds removed should be included in the diet. Some vegetables, like cabbage, may cause gas or odor for some people.
Option C: Include lettuce instead of broccoli in the diet. For the first few weeks after surgery, it’s normal to have gas in the pouch and odor when the pouch is opened. Buttermilk, cranberry juice, parsley, and kefir help prevent gas, odor, or both.

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