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Tuesday 12 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 198

Donald is a 61 y.o. man with diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is characterized by:
    A. Periodic rectal hemorrhage.
    B. Hypertension and tachycardia.
    C. Vomiting and elevated temperature.
    D. Crampy and lower left quadrant pain and low-grade fever.

Correct Answer: D. Crampy and lower left quadrant pain and low-grade fever.

One sign of acute diverticulitis is crampy lower left quadrant pain. A low-grade fever is another common sign. Clinical manifestation of acute diverticulitis varies depending on the severity of the disease. Patients with uncomplicated diverticulitis typically present with left lower quadrant abdominal pain, reflecting that propensity of left-sided disease in Western nations. However, patients of Asian descent present with predominantly right-sided abdominal pain.

Option A: On physical examination, tenderness to palpation over the area of inflammation is almost always present due to irritation of the peritoneum. A mass may be felt in approximately 20% of patients if an abscess is present. Bowel sounds are usually hypoactive but can be normoactive.
Option B: Patients can present with peritoneal signs (rigidity, guarding, rebound tenderness) with bowel wall perforation. On the other hand, fever is almost always present, but hypotension and shock are uncommon.
Option C: Change in bowel habits, either diarrhea (35%) or constipation (50%), can be associated with abdominal pain. Patients may also experience nausea and vomiting, possibly secondary to bowel obstruction. Fever is not uncommon in patients with abscesses and perforation.

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