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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 191

Regina is a 46 y.o. woman with ulcerative colitis. You expect her stools to look like:
    A. Watery and frothy
    B. Bloody and mucous
    C. Firm and well-formed
    D. Alternating constipation and diarrhea

Correct Answer: B. Bloody and mucous

Stools from ulcerative colitis are often bloody and contain mucus. Ulcerative colitis is an idiopathic inflammatory condition of the colon which results in diffuse friability and superficial erosions on the colonic wall and associated bleeding. It is the most common form of inflammatory bowel disease worldwide.

Option A: A bacterial, parasitic, or viral infection can invade the gastrointestinal tract and create gas bubbles, making stool appear foamy. A common source of infection is the Giardia parasite. A person may be infected after consuming contaminated water or food. They may also come into contact with contaminated water when swimming, for example.
Option C: A healthy bowel movement should be painless and require minimal strain. Soft to firm in texture: Stool that is passed in one single piece or a few smaller pieces is typically considered to be a sign of a healthy bowel. The long, sausage-like shape of the stool is due to the shape of the intestines.
Option D: Ulcerative colitis’s main symptom is bloody diarrhea, with or without mucus. Associated symptoms also include urgency or tenesmus, abdominal pain, malaise, weight loss, and fever, depending on the extent and severity of the disease. The onset of the disease is typically gradual, and patients will likely experience periods of spontaneous remission and subsequent relapses.

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