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Thursday 14 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 131

The client with Crohn’s disease has a nursing diagnosis of acute pain. The nurse would teach the client to avoid which of the following in managing this problem?
    A. Lying supine with the legs straight.
    B. Massaging the abdomen.
    C. Using antispasmodic medication.
    D. Using relaxation techniques.

Correct Answer: A. Lying supine with the legs straight.

Lying with the legs flexed is recommended. Lying with the legs extended is not useful because it increases the muscle tension in the abdomen, which could aggravate the inflamed intestinal tissues as the abdominal muscles are stretched. Encourage the patient to assume a position of comfort (knees flexed) to reduce abdominal tension and promote a sense of control.

Option B: Applying local cold or heat to the abdomen or massaging the abdomen can help alleviate the pain in Crohn’s disease. Provide comfort measures (back rub, reposition) and diversional activities. Promotes relaxation, refocuses attention, and may enhance coping abilities.
Option C: The pain associated with Crohn’s disease is alleviated by the use of analgesics and antispasmodics. Implement prescribed dietary modifications (commence with liquids and increase to solid foods as tolerated). Complete bowel rest can reduce pain, cramping.
Option D: The pain associated with Crohn’s disease is reduced by having the client practice relaxation techniques. Provide sitz baths as appropriate. Enhances cleanliness and comfort in the presence of perianal irritation or fissures.

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