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Thursday, 14 April 2022

Gastrointestinal System Disorders Q 110

The client with a colostomy has an order for irrigation of the colostomy. The nurse used which solution for irrigation?A. Distilled water
    A. Distilled water
    B. Tap water
    C. Sterile water
    D. Lactated Ringer’s

Correct Answer: B. Tap water

Warm tap water or saline solution is used to irrigate a colostomy. If tap water is not suitable for drinking, then bottled water should be used. The prescribed irrigating solution is usually 500-1000cc warm (100º–105ºF) tap water. Fill the irrigation bag with the prescribed solution and hang it on the IV pole or hook.

Option A: Distilled water is not used for irrigation. When performed safely and correctly, CI is an excellent method to regulate the evacuation of stool from the ostomy in a selected population of patients with an end colostomy and has rarely been associated with complications. It may also help to improve quality of life
Option C: Sterile water is not used for irrigation. Using water that is too warm or too cool, or instilling water too quickly, may cause abdominal cramps or a vasovagal response.6 Therefore, it is important to provide careful written and oral instructions to the patient. In addition, the first irrigation should be performed in the presence of a health care professional because a small number of patients may experience dizziness as a result of a fall in blood pressure or pulse rate.
Option D: Lactated Ringer’s are not used for irrigation. Irrigations for colostomies involve the regular installation of moderate to large volumes of water to clear the colon of stool. Essentially, it is an enema into the stoma resulting in the clearing of stool from the colon. Some individuals who have colostomies choose to use irrigations as a means to regulate the function of their stoma.

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