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Friday 8 April 2022

Diabetes Mellitus Q 47

Glucose is an important molecule in a cell because this molecule is primarily used for:
    A. Extraction of energy
    B. Synthesis of protein
    C. Building of genetic material
    D. Formation of cell membranes

Correct Answer: A. Extraction of energy

Glucose catabolism is the main pathway for cellular energy production. It is a ubiquitous source of energy for every organism in the world and is essential to fuel both aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration. Once glucose is in the body, it travels through the blood and to energy-requiring tissues.

Option B: Protein synthesis involves a complex interplay of many macromolecules. As one of the foundational concepts in biology, protein synthesis is sufficiently complex that many believe it evolved once, giving the protein synthetic machinery in all organisms on the planet a common ancestry.
Option C: DNA is made of chemical building blocks called nucleotides. These building blocks are made of three parts: a phosphate group, a sugar group, and one of four types of nitrogen bases. To form a strand of DNA, nucleotides are linked into chains, with the phosphate and sugar groups alternating.
Option D: The formation of biological membranes is based on the properties of lipids, and all cell membranes share a common structural organization: bilayers of phospholipids with associated proteins. In addition, membrane proteins control the interactions between cells of multicellular organisms.

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