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Friday 8 April 2022

Diabetes Mellitus Q 26

Clients with type 1 diabetes may require which of the following changes to their daily routine during periods of infection?
    A. No changes
    B. Less insulin
    C. More insulin
    D. Oral antidiabetic agents

Correct Answer: C. More insulin

During periods of infection or illness, diabetics may need even more insulin to compensate for increased blood glucose levels. During illness, it is important that insulin be continued even if the patient is unable to eat or is vomiting.

Option A: The appropriate insulin dosage is dependent on the glycemic response of the individual to food intake and exercise regimens. A dosage algorithm suited to the individual’s needs and treatment goals should be developed with the cooperation of the patient.
Option B: Rapid-acting insulin analogs should be injected within 15 min before a meal or immediately after a meal. The most commonly recommended interval between injection of short-acting (regular) insulin and a meal is 30 min.
Option D: Healthcare practitioners must encourage patients to combine lifestyle modifications with oral pharmacologic agents for optimal glycemic control, particularly as type 2 diabetes mellitus progresses with continued loss of pancreatic beta-cell function and insulin production.

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