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Friday 8 April 2022

Diabetes Mellitus Q 22

A client with DM demonstrates acute anxiety when first admitted for the treatment of hyperglycemia. The most appropriate intervention to decrease the client’s anxiety would be to:
    A. Administer a sedative
    B. Make sure the client knows all the correct medical terms to understand what is happening
    C. Ignore the signs and symptoms of anxiety so that they will soon disappear
    D. Convey empathy, trust, and respect toward the client

Correct answer: D. Convey empathy, trust, and respect toward the client.

The most appropriate intervention is to address the client’s feelings related to anxiety. Establish and maintain a trusting relationship by listening to the client; displaying warmth, answering questions directly, offering unconditional acceptance; being available, and respecting the client’s use of personal space.

Option A: Administering a sedative is not the most appropriate intervention. PRN medications may be indicated for high levels of anxiety. Watch out for adverse side effects. Medication may be necessary to decrease anxiety to a level at which the client can feel safe, but this should be considered the least.
Option B: A client will not relate to medical terms, particularly when anxiety exists. During a panic attack, the patient needs reassurance that he is not dying and the symptoms will resolve spontaneously. In anxiety, the client’s ability to deal with abstractions or complexity is impaired.
Option C: The nurse should not ignore the client’s anxious feelings. Early detection and intervention facilitate modifying the client’s behavior by changing the environment and the client’s interaction with it, to minimize the spread of anxiety.

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