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Sunday 24 April 2022

Asthma and COPD Q 14

An oxygenated delivery system is prescribed for a client with COPD to deliver a precise oxygen concentration. Which of the following types of oxygen delivery systems would the nurse anticipate to be prescribed?
     A. Venturi mask
     B. Aerosol mask
     C. Face tent
     D. Tracheostomy collar

Correct Answer: A. Venturi mask

The venturi mask delivers the most accurate oxygen concentration. The Venturi mask is the best oxygen delivery system for the client with chronic airflow limitation because it delivers a precise oxygen concentration. An air-entrainment (also known as venturi) mask can provide a pre-set oxygen to the patient using jet mixing. As the percent of inspired oxygen increases using such a mask, the air-to-oxygen ratio decreases, causing the maximum concentration of oxygen provided by an air-entrainment mask to be around 40%.The face tent, the aerosol mask, and the tracheostomy collar are also high-flow oxygen delivery systems but most often are used to administer high humidity.

Option B: A mask used for the therapeutic administration of a nebulized solution, humidity, or high airflow with oxygen enrichment. It has a large-bore inlet and an exhalation port. When the required concentration needs to change during the oxygen therapy treatment pathway, the adult aerosol mask, with a choice of 6 venturis or a multi venturi mask kit, offers a convenient and cost-effective option to meet the individual patient’s requirements. The aerosol mask can be used with a nebulizer or 22mm corrugated tubing for combined oxygen therapy and humidification.
Option C: Face tents are used to provide a controlled concentration of oxygen and increase moisture for patients who have facial burns or a broken nose, or who are claustrophobic. It is difficult to achieve high levels of oxygenation with this mask.
Option D: One is to use a tracheostomy collar, which is placed over a breathing tube in a tracheotomy incision in the throat, and through which humidified oxygen is given. The other is to reduce the pressure support supplied via the ventilator.

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