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Tuesday 29 March 2022

Fluid & Electrolyte Q 29

Khaleesi is admitted to the hospital due to having a lower than normal potassium level in her bloodstream. Her medical history reveals vomiting and diarrhea prior to hospitalization. Which foods should the nurse instruct the client to increase?
    A. Whole grains and nuts
    B. Milk products and green, leafy vegetables
    C. Pork products and canned vegetables
    D. Orange juice and bananas

Correct Answer: D. Orange juice and bananas

The client with hypokalemia needs to increase the intake of foods high in potassium. Orange juice and bananas are high in potassium, along with raisins, apricots, avocados, beans, and potatoes. Encourage high potassium diet such as oranges, bananas, tomatoes, coffee, red meat, and dried fruits. Discuss the use of potassium chloride salt substitutes for a client receiving long-term diuretics. Potassium may be replaced and level maintained through the diet when the client is allowed oral food and fluids.

Option A: Whole grains and nuts would be encouraged for the client with hypomagnesemia. Encourage intake of dairy products, meat, fish, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains. Provides an oral replacement for mild magnesium deficits; may prevent a recurrence.
Option B: Milk products and green, leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium for the client with hypocalcemia. Encourage the client to eat foods high in calcium such as dark leafy greens, cheese, low-fat milk, yogurt, eggs, oranges, green beans, and sardines. Avoid intake of phosphorus-rich foods such as bran, chocolates, nuts, whole wheat, and barley.
Option C: Pork products and canned vegetables are high in sodium and are encouraged for the client with hyponatremia. Encourage fluids and foods high in sodium such as meat, milk, beets, celery, eggs, and carrots. Use fruit juices and bouillon instead of water. Unless sodium deficit causes serious symptoms requiring immediate IV replacement, the client may benefit from slower replacement by oral method or removal of previous salt restriction.

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