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Monday 28 March 2022

Fluid & Electrolyte Q 108

A 22-year-old lady is displaying facial grimaces during her treatment in the hospital due to burn trauma. Which nursing intervention should be included for reducing pain due to cellular injury?
    A. Administering anti-inflammatory agents as prescribed.
    B. Elevating the injured area to decrease venous return to the heart.
    C. Keeping the skin clean and dry.
    D. Applying warm packs initially to reduce edema.

Correct Answer: A. Administering anti-inflammatory agents as prescribed

Anti-inflammatory agents help reduce edema and relieve pressure on nerve endings, subsequently reducing pain. The burned patient may require around-the-clock medication and dose titration. IV method is often used initially to maximize drug effect.

Option B: Elevating the injured area increases venous return to the heart. Elevation may be required initially to reduce edema formation; thereafter, changes in position and elevation reduce discomfort and risk of joint contractures.
Option C: Maintaining clean, dry skin aids in preventing skin breakdown. Cover wounds as soon as possible unless an open-air exposure burn care method is required. Temperature changes and air movement can cause great pain to exposed nerve endings.
Option D: Cool packs, not warm packs, should be used initially to cause vasoconstriction and reduce edema. Altered tissue perfusion and edema formation impair drug absorption. Injections into potential donor sites may render them unusable because of hematoma formation.

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