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Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Emergency Nursing & Triage Q 20

Nurse Anna is an experienced travel nurse who was recently employed and is assigned to the emergency unit. In her first week of the job, which of the following area is the most appropriate assignment for her?
    A. Triage
    B. Ambulatory section
    C. Trauma team
    D. Psychiatric care

Correct Answer: B. Ambulatory section

The ambulatory section deals with clients with relatively stable conditions. The decision of whether or not to delegate or assign is based upon the RN’s judgment concerning the condition of the patient, the competence of all members of the nursing team and the degree of supervision that will be required of the RN if a task is delegated.

Option A: The RN delegates only those tasks for which he or she believes the other health care worker has the knowledge and skill to perform, taking into consideration training, cultural competence, experience and facility/agency policies and procedures.
Option C: This area should be filled with nurses who are experienced with hospital routines and policies and have the ability to locate equipment immediately. There is both individual accountability and organizational accountability for delegation. Organizational accountability for delegation relates to providing sufficient resources, including sufficient staffing with an appropriate staff mix.
Option D: Few places are more hectic than a Hospital Emergency Room. Clearly, delegating important nursing tasks is the only plausible way for short-staffed emergency rooms to meet the challenges of providing quality patient care. All decisions related to delegation and assignment are based on the fundamental principles of protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public.”

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