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Thursday 24 March 2022

Emergency Nursing & Triage Q 2

The nursing manager decides to form a committee to address the issue of violence against ED personnel. Which combination of employees would be best suited to fulfill this assignment?
    A. ED physicians and charge nurses
    B. RNs, LPNs, and nursing assistants
    C. Experienced RNs and experienced paramedics
    D. At least one representative from each group of ED personnel

Correct Answer: D. At least one representative from each group of ED personnel.

At least one representative from each group of ED personnel should be included because all employees are potential targets for violence in the ED. The diversity of the group should also be considered and assure that each department or each employee is represented.

Option A: The policies against violence in the workplace must be developed by management and employee representatives, including the health and safety committee or representative, and union, if present.
Option B: Administrative practices may also include education and training for employees. This education and training would include not only information about the workplace’s policy and process to respond to incidents, but may also include how to respond to an incident of violence (e.g., emergency response, when to contact security or police, etc.).
Option C: Preventive measures generally fall into three categories, workplace design, administrative practices, and work practices. All employees should know how to respond to customers or members of the public who may be angry or frustrated, such as how to de-escalate a conflict.

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