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Monday 21 March 2022

EENT and Sleep Disorders Q 98

A nursing measure to promote sleep in school-age children is to:
     A. Make sure the room is dark and quiet.
     B. Encourage evening exercise.
     C. Encourage television watching.
     D. Encourage quiet activities prior to bedtime.

Correct Answer: D. Encourage quiet activities prior to bedtime.

The amount of sleep needed during the school years is individualized because of varying states of activities and levels of health. A 6-year old averages 11-12 hours of sleep nightly, whereas an 11-year old sleeps about 9-10 hours. The 6- or 7-year old can usually be persuaded to go to bed by encouraging quiet activities.

Option A: Most people may prefer a darkened environment, but children and individuals in a strange environment would benefit from a low light source. According to studies, music is discouraged because it is interesting and will promote wakefulness. Extraneous noise from a fan, air conditioner, and white noise machine must be blocked out.
Option B: It is helpful to establish a regular and relaxing bedtime routine composed of quiet activities like taking a warm bath and reading. Having television and computers inside the room will only strengthen the association between wakefulness and sleep.
Option C: Activities are one of the major factors that can affect sleep. As a rule, dealing with office work and family problems should be avoided before bedtime. It is important that one associates a bedroom with sleep.

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