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Monday 21 March 2022

EENT and Sleep Disorders Q 85

The nurse finds a client sleep walking down the unit hallway. An appropriate intervention the nurse implements is:
     A. Asking the client what he or she is doing and calling for help.
     B. Quietly approaching the client and then loudly calling his or her name.
     C. Lightly tapping the client on the shoulder and leading him or her back to bed.
     D. Blocking the hallway with chairs and seating the client.

Correct Answer: C. Lightly tapping the client on the shoulder and leading him or her back to bed.

The nurse should not startle the client but should gently awaken the client and lead him or her back to bed. Gently lead the person sleepwalking to bed. It’s not necessary to wake up the person. Although it’s not dangerous to the person to be awakened, it can be disruptive if he or she becomes confused and disoriented, and possibly agitated.

Option A: It is unnecessary to startle the client awake. Establish a regular, relaxing routine before bedtime. Do quiet, calming activities before bed, such as reading books, doing puzzles, or soaking in a warm bath. Meditation or relaxation exercises may help, too. Make the bedroom comfortable and quiet for sleep.
Option B: Loudly calling the client’s name is inappropriate. Identify the issues that cause stress and ways to handle the stress. Talk about what’s bothering the client. Or if the client sleepwalks and seems anxious or stressed, talk with him or her about any concerns.
Option D: If sleepwalking has led to injuries or may do so, consider these precautions: close and lock all windows and exterior doors before bedtime; lock interior doors, or place alarms or bells on the doors. Block doorways or stairways with a gate, and move electrical cords and other tripping hazards out of the way.

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