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Tuesday 22 March 2022

EENT and Sleep Disorders Q 63

When teaching the client about Meniere’s disease, which of the following instructions would a nurse give about vertigo?
     A. Report dizziness at once.
     B. Drive in daylight hours only.
     C. Get up slowly, turning the entire body.
     D. Change your position using the log roll method.

Correct Answer: C. Get up slowly, turning the entire body.

Turning the entire body, not the head, will prevent vertigo. During vertigo attacks, instruct the client to lie down and not to move so as not to accumulate injuries or pain. Place the client in bed and raise the side rails for safety. Administer medications as ordered for vertigo. Vertigo is not a life-threatening condition but the client may be at greatest risk for injury.

Option A: Dizziness is expected but can be prevented. Always encourage the patient to move slowly and teach them how long to wait between movements. Remember, sudden movements can trigger dizziness. Antivertiginous medications, particularly meclizine, are prescribed widely for all ages of people who are dizzy.
Option B: The client shouldn’t drive as he may reflexively turn the wheel to correct vertigo. Plans should be made for alternate transportation if the patient is dizzy, and an emergency plan can be made to stop the car in a safe place if dizziness ensues while driving.
Option D: Turning the client in bed slowly and smoothly will be helpful; logrolling isn’t needed. Don’t rush the patient, allow him/her to move at their own pace: rushing the patient will make him/her more prone to falling.

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