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Tuesday 22 March 2022

EENT and Sleep Disorders Q 37

A male client has just had a cataract operation without a lens implant. In discharge teaching, the nurse will instruct the client’s wife to:
     A. Feed him soft foods for several days to prevent facial movement.
     B. Keep the eye dressing on for one week.
     C. Have her husband remain in bed for 3 days.
     D. Allow him to walk upstairs only with assistance.

Correct Answer: D. Allow him to walk upstairs only with assistance.

Without a lens, the eye cannot accommodate. It is difficult to judge distance and climb stairs when the eyes cannot accommodate. Therefore, the client should walk up and down stairs only with assistance. Ensure the room environment is safe with adequate lighting and furniture moved toward the walls. Remove all rugs, and objects that could be potentially hazardous.

Option A: Instruct patient and/or family regarding safe lighting. The patient should wear sunglasses to reduce glare. Advise the family to use contrasting bright colors in household furnishings. These techniques help enhance visual discrimination and reduce the potential for injury.
Option B: Instruct patient to wear a plastic or metal shield over the eye with perforations; a shield or glasses should be worn for protection during the day to protect the eye from accidental injury.
Option C: Instruct patient to watch out for the development of complications, such as sharp pain in the eye uncontrolled by analgesics, or clouding in the anterior chamber. This may indicate infection and should be reported immediately.

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