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Sunday, 27 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 8

The home health nurse is caring for a patient who has been receiving interferon therapy for treatment of cancer. Which statement by the patient may indicate a need for a change in treatment?
    A. "I rarely have the energy to get out of bed."
    B. "I experience chills after I inject the interferon."
    C. "I take acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 4 hours."
    D. "I have frequent muscle aches and pains."

Correct Answer: A. “I rarely have the energy to get out of bed.”

Option A: Fatigue can be dose-limiting toxicity for use of biologic therapies.

Options B and D: Flu-Like symptoms, such as muscle aches and chills, are common side effects of interferon use.
Option D: Patients are advised to use Tylenol every 4 hours.

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