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Saturday, 26 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 51

Nurse Janet is assigned in the oncology section of the hospital. Which of the following orders should the nurse question if a client is on radiation therapy?
    A. Bland diet
    B. Aspirin every 4 hours
    C. Saline rinses every 2 hours
    D. Analgesics before meals

Correct Answer: B. Aspirin every 4 hours

Option B: Radiation therapy makes the platelet count decrease. Thus, nursing responsibilities should be directed at promoting safety by avoiding episodes of hemorrhage or bleeding such as physical trauma and aspirin administration.

Options A and C: Bland diet and saline rinses every 2 hours should also be done to manage stomatitis, a complication of radiation therapy.
Option D: Analgesics are given before meals to alleviate the pain caused by stomatitis.

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