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Sunday, 27 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 4

When the nurse is administering a vesicant chemotherapeutic agent intravenously, an important consideration is to
    A. Stop the infusion if swelling is observed at the site
    B. Infuse the medication over a short period
    C. Administer the chemotherapy through a small-bore catheter
    D. Hold the medication unless a central venous line is available

Correct Answer: A. Stop the infusion if swelling is observed at the site

Option A: Swelling at the site may indicate extravasation, and the IV should be stopped immediately.

Option B: The medication should generally be given slowly to avoid irritation of the vein.
Option C: The size of the catheter is not as important as administration of vesicants into a running IV line to allow dilution of the chemotherapy drug.
Option D: These medications can be given through peripheral lines, although central vascular access devices (CVADs) are preferred.

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