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Sunday 27 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 29

Which of the following interventions is the key to increasing the survival rates of clients with lung cancer?
    A. High-dose chemotherapy
    B. Early bronchoscopy
    C. Smoking cessation
    D. Early detection

Correct Answer: D. Early detection

Option D: Early detection of cancer when the cells may be premalignant and potentially curable would be most beneficial. However, a tumor must be 1 cm in diameter before it’s detectable on a chest x-ray, so this is difficult.

Option A: High-dose chemotherapy has minimal effect on long-term survival.
Option B: A bronchoscopy may help identify cell type but may not increase the survival rate.
Option C: Smoking cessation won’t reverse the process but may help prevent further decompensation.

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