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Thursday 24 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 163

For a female client with newly diagnosed cancer, the nurse formulates a nursing diagnosis of Anxiety related to the threat of death secondary to cancer diagnosis. Which expected outcome would be appropriate for this client?
    A. “Client stops seeking information.”
    B. “Client uses any effective method to reduce tension.”
    C. “Client doesn’t guess at prognosis.”
    D. “Client verbalizes feelings of anxiety.”

Correct Answer: D. “Client verbalizes feelings of anxiety.”

Option D: Verbalizing feelings is the client’s first step in coping with the situational crisis. It also helps the health care team gain insight into the client’s feelings, helping guide psychosocial care.

Option A: Seeking information can help a client with cancer gain a sense of control over the crisis.
Option B: This is undesirable because some methods of reducing tension, such as illicit drug or alcohol use, may prevent the client from coming to terms with the threat of death as well as cause physiological harm.
Option C: Suppressing speculation may prevent the client from coming to terms with the crisis and planning accordingly.

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