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Thursday, 24 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 146

A patient undergoing external radiation has developed a dry desquamation of the skin in the treatment area. The nurse knows that teaching about management of the skin reaction has been effective when the patient says
    A. "I can use ice packs to relieve itching in the treatment area."
    B. "I can buy a steroid cream to use on the itching area."
    C. "I will expose the treatment area to a sun lamp daily."
    D. "I will scrub the area with warm water to remove the scales."

Correct Answer: B. “I can buy a steroid cream to use on the itching area

Option B: Steroid (over-the-counter [OTC] hydrocortisone) cream may be used to reduce itching in the area.

Options A and C: Extreme heat or cold temperatures may injure the skin.
Option D: Treatment areas should be cleaned gently to avoid further injury.

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