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Friday, 25 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 135

Which of the following nursing interventions would be most helpful in making the respiratory effort of a client with metastatic lung cancer more efficient?
    A. Teaching the client diaphragmatic breathing techniques
    B. Administering cough suppressants as ordered
    C. Teaching and encouraging pursed-lip breathing
    D. Placing the client in a low semi-Fowlers position

Correct Answer: C. Teaching and encouraging pursed-lip breathing

Option C: For clients with obstructive versus restrictive disorders, extending exhalation through pursed-lip breathing will make the respiratory effort more efficient. The usual position of choice for this client is the upright position, leaning slightly forward to allow greater lung expansion.

Option A: Teaching diaphragmatic breathing techniques will be more helpful to the client with a restrictive disorder.
Option B: Administering cough suppressants will not help the respiratory effort.
Option D: A low semi-Fowler’s position does not encourage lung expansion. Lung expansion is enhanced in the upright position.

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