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Friday 25 March 2022

Cancer and Oncology Q 115

During the admission assessment of a 35 year old client with advanced ovarian cancer, the nurse recognizes which symptom as typical of the disease?
    A. Abdominal distention
    B. Abdominal bleeding
    C. Diarrhea
    D. Hypermenorrhea

Correct Answer: A. Abdominal distention

Option A: Clinical manifestations of ovarian cancer include abdominal distention, urinary frequency and urgency, pleural effusion, malnutrition, pain from pressure caused by the growing tumor and the effects of urinary or bowel obstruction, constipation, ascites with dyspnea, and ultimately general severe pain.

Options B and D: Abnormal bleeding, often resulting in hypermenorrhea, is associated with uterine and endometrial cancer.
Option C: Diarrhea is often related to colon cancer, lymphoma, carcinoid syndrome, and pancreatic cancer.

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